It used to be that gated villages and subdivisions could keep theft and petty crimes at bay. But over the years, as security in some areas became lax, stories of homes being robbed in the middle of the night became more common. Parents – whether seasoned or new – are right to be concerned. When you’re at the office and are needing to work late or rushing to finish a deadline, it doesn’t help that good child care is hard to get by as well. 

Or how about getting a mild heart attack every time you receive your electric bill? No matter how much you try to lessen your usage, it’s hardly making a difference. At the end of each month, your utilities are still making a dent to what should be your savings. 

It might be time to consider smart homes. Smart homes give families the option of simplifying their lives with the use of technology. For some it could just be connecting speakers, while others may take it further by installing automated locks, or using your phone to open and close the doors and controlling the lights. 

Smart homes look to benefit making family life simpler by having appliances that do the job for you. A machine that washes and spins your clothes dry? Yes please!

Smart homes are also more energy efficient. Through its usage, your regular Don and Donna can employ systems and light fixtures that automatically switch off when you leave the room, reducing your electric usage. Imagine how much your bill could be trimmed down over the summer when the smart home assists you in automating your air conditioning, making sure it doesn’t run when no one’s home.

But most of all, you can’t put a price tag on the security that a smart home can give you, alerting you if anyone tries to break in. Installing systems that would notify you in case anything comes up allows you to be more prepared.

The good news is, Harbour Park Residences is smart home ready. Units have been designed to make smart homes accessible for you and your growing family. With Harbour Park, you can maximize your family’s convenience, safety, and quality of living. Let Harbour Park Residences help ease your worries of looking after your place and your children and making your home life a little bit more efficient.