Does Your Home Location Matter During a Pandemic?

At a time when online anything seems to be not just the trend, but a means for survival, the location of one’s home hardly seems like a pertinent issue to discuss. What does it matter, after all, where you live, if the imperative is for people to stay put?

But as each one tries to do what they can to keep the virus from further spreading by staying indoors, this does not mean that it’s easy to remain inside one’s home for long periods of time. Errands still need to be done. Necessities need to be secured. For some, physically going to work is a requirement. Humans weren’t made for just these things.

Which is why the age old adage of location, location, and location matters all the more during times of pandemic. Whether it’s errands or going for a quick bite, we also need to remember that people were made to connect, explore, and at the very least, grab some some fresh air.

For those lucky enough to live within a geographically ideal location like Makati, going around to attend to errands, make a living, pursue interests, or get an occasional reprieve from the monotony of life-as-of-late becomes much, much easier.

Makati, for example, hosts a number of parks that are ideal for a little morning stroll. If you’re close enough, you could walk to Ayala Triangle Gardens and have a little bit of stretch or jog at Legazpi Active Park. The open space makes it safe enough to do social distancing with others who may have the same idea as you, while you try to keep an eye out for that office building you haven’t stepped foot in since the whole work-from-home situation came to be.

Having food and essentials delivered from hundreds of establishments are easy and convenient, as the city is within the delivery radius of most food and service providers. If you’re missing the feeling of dining out once again, Makati has some strict guidelines that you’ll first need to follow. While the city would rather that your orders be delivered or taken out, establishments such as A Mano and Rambla have made adjustments for customers to dine in again. Some places have a dedicated outdoor area for al fresco dining which helps put people’s worries about the virus a little bit at ease.

For those who are dying to get a haircut, salons and barbershops like Jing Monis and Back Alley are open for appointments. These establishments take the precautions to ensure that both clients and staff remain safe and follow protocols.

Banks, bill payment centers, and other service centers are also numerous in various areas. Transportation to and fro all of these places of interest are easier to come by, compared to other areas, so getting to the office (if you can’t work from home) or doing a quick run for your essentials, will not be as stressful or anxiety-ridden.

These aren’t much, the country at large is still hurting from the pandemic- but Makati offers a glimmer of what was and what could hopefully be again. And once again, we are reminded why choosing a great location for one’s home will always matter, with or without a pandemic. Harbour Park Residences is proud to espouse this Makati lifestyle. Centrally located from all that Makati has to offer, Harbour Park Residences offers its homeowners the energy, vibe, and cosmopolitan lifestyle of this bustling city—-all without the Makati price. Strategically located right by the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge, Harbour Park Residences gives its residents the convenience of the vibrant Makati life with a much more reasonable Mandaluyong price. The best location with the best price.

So whether you are out to reclaim some precious me-time at the Legazpi Active Park, do a quick run for your essentials at Powerplant Mall, or order in from your favorite Poblacion food haunt, you can enjoy it all from the comfort and convenience of a home that’s as centrally located as Harbour Park Residences. With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, you can choose to live your best life-despite any pandemic- safely nestled in your Harbour Park Residences haven.