Are you a newlywed and looking for the best way to start your married life? Those who are married know that there are challenges that come with being married. Take it from Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood who remarked, “They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.” If you’re searching the market for your first home, condo living is an option you should consider. It takes out many of the headaches and conflicts that a single home ownership might introduce into the relationship. Living in a condominium is a growing trend among young professionals, newlyweds and small families. Let’s explore five compelling reasons why living in condo is ideal for you and your brand-new spouse.

1. Condo living gives you more bonding time 

According to a study by researchers at the University of Rochester, an “inexpensive, fun and relatively simple movie-and-talk approach” can cut separation rate from 24% to 11% after the first three years of marriage. Most condo projects are situated near business districts, establishments, and main roads. The convenience of getting to places is a feature that makes condo living a top housing choice. Spend less time commuting to work and more quality time with your partner. Many condos also offer residents unlimited use of premier amenities including swimming pools, fitness centers, open spaces, and entertainment areas. You can celebrate togetherness in your own condo community.

2. Living in a condo is cost-efficient

If you compare getting a two-bedroom house versus buying a condo unit, the latter is the more practical option. You can opt to rent a unit although the monthly rent is usually about the same as the monthly mortgage in a condo unit. Why rent when you can own? Living in a condo also means that you’re free from outdoor maintenance such as tending the garden, repainting the fences, etc. The condo personnel can take care of these chores for you. A small space requires minimal maintenance, a few pieces of furniture, and only the essential appliances. Since you’re starting your life together, every effort to stretch the budget is needed.


3. Sleep peacefully at night, thanks to condo security

Now that you’re married, your perception of safety and security will be different from when you were single since you now have another person’s safety too consider. Home safety is non-negotiable, so is the peace of mind that goes with it. Why live in condo? There’s usually 24/7 security everywhere from the gates to the common areas. No need to install outdoor surveillance cameras or security lights. Condos also have fire safety precautions and a system in place in times of natural calamities.

4. Celebrate with family and friends in your condo

A marital union is also the joining of two families and circles of friends. Living in a condo makes get together easier and cheaper. Instead of splurging on a dinner out, you can whip up your specialty and serve it to your guests in your condo’s function room. You can also invite your young nieces and nephews for an afternoon swimming party if your complex has a pool. Serve them with fruit juice and ice cream and you are their favorite aunt and uncle in no time. Plan a monthly party in the open areas with your in-laws.

5. It’s easy to stay fit

Living in a condo community will allow you and your spouse to easily maintain a fit lifestyle. Typically, homeowners can freely use the indoor gym and open spaces. Before preparing for work, you can practice yoga on the rooftop garden or go for an early morning run in the safety of your own condo community. You don’t have to worry about mishaps as these condo amenities are child-friendly and well-maintained.

6. Building friendships within the community comes naturally

Building a new life with your spouse is exciting, even exhilarating. You’ll be discovering new things about each other. Your connections will cross, your families will be conjoined. Now, you’re part of a bigger world. Creating connections, however, doesn’t end there. When you live in a condo community with many other young couples, it’s easy to build lasting friendships in your new neighborhood. You can invite your condo neighbors for an afternoon tea by the pool or a simple lunch at home. Exchange ideas on how to design your new condo home—you may be surprised by the great variety of ways people can decorate identical living spaces. A decade ago, condo living was not among the choices many newlyweds considered. The concept of residing in a serviced building with smaller spaces didn’t sound appealing. Today, the trend is changing. More people, whether young couples or retirees, appreciate the advantages of condo living. It’s cost efficient, accessible and convenient. There’s in-house security and maintenance service in common areas. Tenants and guests may use amenities such as pools, gym, and kids’ playground. Most importantly, condo living lifts one’s lifestyle—giving everyone the chance to relax in a masterplanned environment with easy commute to the business district and the city center.